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Buying Your First Car

What is a Good First car?

Buying your first car is a memorable experience. Learning to drive is a nervous and exciting time so when the time comes to buy a car there is lots to consider. How cheap is this car to run? How much will the insurance be? Will I be comfortable and confident in my first car?

Ideally, your first car will have a lot of safety features (so your Mum and Dad don’t worry too much!) and you’d also want a smallish engine – maybe a 1 litre or 1.2 engine. Anything too sporty will be too much to insure for a first-time driver so the best bet is a sensible, economical run around. (we have a few suitable first cars for sale here)

Here at TG Autos we recently sold a Citroen C3 to a young girl last week for her first car so it got us reminiscing about our very own first cars…

Tim’s First Car

“My first car was a Ford Sierra 2.0 GL 5 door hatchback. It was a huge thing, a big, spacious, comfortable car. It turned into our bus for all the lads because we all fit in. The only downside was that the 2.0 petrol cost a fortune to run!

If I were to compare it to a car on our forecourt I’d say this Vauxhall Vectra because it’s cheap enough, but perhaps bot the stereotypical first car”

Neil’s First Car

“The first car drove was a MINI Clubman and I can still remember the reg plate:  KOG206P.

I had a habit of doing up cars when I was younger so I made it look like a 1275 GT. I painted it white with black roof, added big wheels, sports seats etc. and then wrote it off going up to Demon Tweeks! We’ve got a MINI for sale here but it’s not the Clubman model.”

John’s First Car

 “I bought my first car when I was 16 because my Mum didn’t want me to have a moped! I got a Fiat 126, which was the follow on to the original Fiat 500. I spent a year looking at it in the garage, waiting for the day when I could take it out on the roads. Once I passed my test I loved the freedom of having my own car. I’d say the closest we’ve got here at TG Autos is the Fiat 500 for sale. Really small and economical but with a bit of style too”