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FREE 15-month warranty with our used cars

15-month Car Warranty

At TG Autos we have years of car sales experience and know-how to make it easier for a customer to decide to buy a second-hand car from us. There are always a lot of questions; Can I trust a car that I buy from a dealer? What if something goes wrong with my second-hand car? What better way to ease concerns than with a decent car warranty.

Well, to help you make that decision a little bit easier we offer a free 15-month warranty with all of our used cars.

That means if anything goes wrong with your car within 15 months of buying from us it will be covered under warranty to be repaired. Now obviously there are terms and conditions to this! The warranties cover mechanical failure, not usual wear and tear. So if you need your oil topping up, or your tyres are looking a bit bald, you still have to sort that out yourself! (Read our blog about winter car care here) But if something unexpected happens you can take your car to a garage to get sorted.

15 month car warranty with TG Autos

When you buy a second-hand car from us at our St. Helens site you will receive an information pack with all the details in, so you know what is covered and can buy a car with confidence!

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