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Spring Car Care Tips from TG Autos

Looking After Your Car

Cars don’t like the cold winter weather just as much as we don’t. Now the warmer weather is on the way it is a good idea to check your vehicle for signs of wear and tear and then we can all start to enjoy the sunshine!

We all like a good Spring clean around the house, and your car should not be any different! But if you’re not sure where to start, we can give you a few tips to help your car recover after the winter months, and prepare it for a great Spring and Summer!

Let’s run you through our tips and tricks…


We think that looking after your car’s bodywork is the most important thing to do once winter has gone. While driving on the roads in Winter, a huge amount of road grime, debris and salt can gather on your car. Allowing this to collect on your car can affect the paint and the finish. the wet weather and salt build-up can lead to rust and other serious problems. Make sure that you give your car exterior a good wash and wax to get rid of the nasty things that have covered it!


Let’s be honest, nobody wanted to spend their Winter stood outside in the cold cleaning their car so Spring is the ideal time to clean it out without being bothered by the chilly weather! You can spend a whole day Spring cleaning your motor- Remove and throw away all the papers, rubbish and the empty de-icer bottles you have littering your car! That way you can enter Spring and Summer with a clean car.


Tyre pressure is very important in the Spring. Changing temperatures affect your tyre pressure, meaning that to make them road safe, they may need to be checked.

Driving with the incorrect tyre pressure can seriously affect your cars drivability and fuel economy! If you don’t feel like checking the tyre pressure yourself, you can take it to a garage to have it looked over by someone else.


Check your wiper blades for any signs of cracking or wear. The wiper itself could wear dramatically over the winter due to ice build-up or other issues on your windshield. You’ll no doubt need those wipers for rain in Spring, so be sure that they’re in good working order!


Check your oil and water to make sure that they are at the correct levels. If they are starting to get low, then make sure that you have them topped up before you forget and find yourself in a broken down car! Also be sure to check your tyre tread depth to make sure that they are safe for the roads.

If Winter has taken its toll on your car, it might be time to look for a new one. All of our used cars are available to browse at our website, or you can visit our Warrington and St Helens showrooms.