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Myths about Buying Used Cars – And Why They are Wrong!

Myths about Buying Used Cars – And why they are wrong!

As we mentioned in our Buying A Used Car, Rather than Buying New blog, there are many positive reasons for buying a second-hand car rather than choosing a pricey new model. But people tell you all kinds of things that make you think that used cars can’t be trusted, or that buying a new car is easier to do. But this is not the case! With over seventeen years of main dealer and new car franchise experience, at TG Autos we intend to give used cars the new car sales experience. So we can promise you that those tales that you hear about used cars are all false!

Here, we present our Used Car Myths:

“Aren’t used cars usually beaten up?”

Whilst we can admit that some used cars have a few extra miles and a scrape here and there, this does not mean that they are in bad condition. The ‘love’ in ‘pre-loved’ means exactly that! Previous owners have taken care of their old cars, just like you would with yours! Don’t be put off buying a used car. If it was in that much of a terrible state, then we would not sell it! All of our cars are HPI checked, come with a lengthy warranty and roadside assistance, so you can rest assured that your used car is built to last.

Still struggling to believe us? Take a look at our  inventory.

“Used cars are all old models.”

You’d be surprised at how many used car dealerships are full of newer models! For example, we currently have a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDC-I Econetic Zetec available at our Warrington branch, and that was launched in 2013, and we can guarantee it will not be the newest used car that we have on our forecourt! Do not be put off buying a used car because you think they are all old bangers, you never know what you might find…

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“Won’t using a used car dealership make it difficult?”

If you seek out the right used car dealer, the process will be really easy! At TG Autos, we do all we can to help our customers find and buy their perfect used car! We can discuss your finance options with you, catering to your requirements, no matter what your financial situation is. We also include FREE 15 month warrant, along with FREE 15 month breakdown cover. So with customer service like that, how can anyone possibly believe that buying a used car is difficult?

“Buying a new car will save me money”

If you buy a brand new car, the likelihood of any faults are limited, we’ll admit that! However, this shouldn’t rule out choosing a used car over a new one. With a used car, paying for repairs with usually cost less than if you were repairing a new one. New cars depreciate in value the second you drive it off the forecourt. A well chosen used car can hold its value, or even increase in value if kept in good condition. We never let a used car leave our forecourt with any faults, so you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong with your new car!

Obviously, we have not covered every possible myth that’s associated with buying used cars, but we think that this is a good start to persuade you that used cars are not all that bad! Have any more myths or questions about used cars? Feel free to tweet us @TG_Autos and we will be sure to bust any myths!

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